1979 Guerciotti Oro

55 cm. c-t-c

A true "showbike," this beauty was part of the Guerciotti-Ten Speed Drive display at the 1979 New York Bike Show.  The original owner got it immediately after the show, and kept it strictly for display.  I bought it from the original owner in 1992, and I also kept it for display-only all these years.  So this is one of those rare, almost-30-year old bikes that has never been ridden.  Is that cool, or is that a shame?  I think it's very cool.  Having such a bike in my home, and being able to admire it in person, is a real joy for me.  If you think it's a shame (because bikes should be ridden), then here's your chance to step up to the plate; buy it and ride it!

There is nothing wrong with having a bike as wall art, just as there is nothing wrong with taking this bike and riding it every Sunday from now on.  Do whatever makes you happy.  And by the way, don't let the gold plating fool you - this is a real bike and it will give you a great ride.  The complete bike, as you see it in the photos, with pedals and water bottle, weighs only 18.5 lbs!  That is pretty darn light for a vintage steel bike this size.

I've owned this amazing bike for 16 years, and now I'm prepared to let someone else care for it for the next 16 years.


Seat tube length is 55 cm. center-to-center (56 cm. center-to-top).

  Top tube length is 55 cm. center-to-center.

Stand-over height is 80 cm.

In case you are wondering, the gold is not a flamboyant or chromovelato paint finish, nor is it tinted chrome - it is real gold plating.

Back in the late 70s and very early 80s, it seems that as a matter of prestige, every top Italian manufacturer had to have a gold plated "Oro" bike.  Guerciotti was in its hey-day at the time, being imported into the USA in large numbers by Ten Speed Drive, Inc., in Florida.  And the New York bike show was the industry show in those days, so of course Guerciotti produced this Oro bike for the 1979 New York bike show.

I don't know how many other Oro bikes were made by Guerciotti, but I've never seen or heard of another one.  For all I know, this could be the only one.

Guerciotti spared no expense in setting up this bike, although it looks like they were in a bit of a hurry to finish the bike; the painter did a pretty sloppy job masking the lugs.  I have this theory, that they were running late to catch the flight "to America."  I've always imagined a guy yelling at the painter: "Andiamo, dovete terminare subito, non abbiamo tempo, porca miseria!"

Lots of cool, trick parts were used, like this Guerciotti-branded saddle.  It is a customized Selle Italia Superleggera model, with buffalo hide and alloy rails. 

Pantographed and polished Super Record seat post with insertion-calibration marks on the right side.


Unlike paint, which can hide many imperfections, gold plating is so thin that it shows even the lightest file marks, as you can see on the seat lug.  I personally like that.  It's only visible way up close, but it still gives the bike a lot of individual character.

As I said before, the masking around the lugs is not clean.  But like the file marks visible through the gold plating, the sloppy masking makes this bike particularly interesting - there simply has to be some kind of great story behind that masking job!

Apart from the masking, the paint is top quality: shiny, smooth and even, with no bubbling or lifting anywhere.  There are no nicks or dings anywhere, and the decals are in perfect condition.

130 mm. Cinelli 1-R stem, in perfect condition. 

Insertion graduation marks that match the seatpost.

The pantographing is very nicely done, clean and crisp.

That paint-fill in the stem grooves is original.  This bike has been well maintained all its life.

The gold plated lugs against the gloss black paint are very striking.

Note the Edco Competition headset - as good if not better than Campagnolo.

The gold plating on the elegant fork is in beautiful condition.

32 hole Record hubs, laced with Alpina 15 gauge spokes, front and rear.

The caliper hardware is in incredible condition.  Note also the cool file marks at the top of the fork blade.

Beautiful and perfect Mexico-style modified calipers;  re-profiled, pantographed and polished.  Note that the pantographing includes the "Guerciotti" as well as "Campagnolo" names on both sides of the calipers (the original "Campagnolo" casting on the left arm was lost during r-profiling).

I realize now that the cable adjusting barrel isn't properly seated on the caliper arm, but still, this is one good looking caliper.

Very pretty head tube graphics.

Note the incredibly clean finish where the leather meets the bar edges, and the super-clean stitching.  This is old-world craftsmanship at its best.  By the way, Cinelli introduced the "flying C" logo in 1978.

64-42 Giro d'Italia bars - very wide for the time.

Gorgeous Almarc leather bar wrap.  The original gum hoods rotted out and I replaced them with black globe-hoods, which are period-correct and look great on this bike (even better than gum hoods, in my humble opinion).

Clelan pantographing and perfect finish on the brake levers.

The stitching on Almarc leather wrap is really a thing of beauty.  Old-world craftsmanship at its best.

The stem and bar combination is essentially a customized Cinelli VIP set.


The rims have a deep gold anodized finish.  There is no label or marking on the rims, however, so I don't know who made them. 

The downtube graphics are elegant and classic, and in perfect condition.

Shaved, panto'd and polished shifters.

Another nice shot of the beautiful downtube graphics.

Gold anodized cage by Cobra.

Original Guerciotti bottle by ALE.


Note the two addresses - by this time Guerciotti was doing so much business that they had to expand into two locations.

The drivetrain is true Super Record.

Titanium spindle SL pedals in perfect condition.

Not a scratch on the dustcaps.

Ale toe clips and unique Ten Speed Drive toe straps.  (Does anyone know what the "1000" on the toestraps represents?)

No cleats or soles have ever blemished these virgin pedals!

Mexico crankset with re-profiled arms (172.5 with no date code) and routed spider arms. Note that the routing on the spider arms is wider on top and narrower on the bottom.  52-42 Patent Campagnolo rings (in perfect, unused condition), and black anodized alloy chainring bolts/nuts.  By the way, the arms are

Second generation Super Record bottom bracket with solid titanium axles and threaded ends.   Note also that the routing on the spider arms, is wider on top and narrower on the bottom (home-made Mexicos have straight-sided routing).  The black paint-fill in the spider arm milling is also original.

Four-hole, straight band Super Record derailleur, first issued in 1979, and phased out by 1980.

A good shot of the front derailleur straight band.  Note how perfect the fixing bolt is.

Note the black anodized alloy chainring bolts which say Guerciottii-Milano - it's impossible to photograph the tiny lettering, but it's there.  The chain is a Regina Record.


Pat. 1979 Super Record derailleur with aluminum alloy bolts.  And of course, gold plated derailleur housing, the mark of a real Oro show bike ;)  Note also the two holes on the drop-out for the Portacatena system.

NOS Regina 6 speed freewheel, 13-18.






















Final photo, suitable for framing - if you're into this sort of thing ;)  Feel free to use any of my photos as desktop background on you computer.


Flat shipping rate of $100.00 to anywhere in the continental US.

International bidders please ask me for a shipping estimate before bidding.


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