The Way It Was                 


I suppose some people would say that it looks basically the same now as it did before, and they would be right...except for the all important DETAILS! :)




The bike looked good with its panto bits, and I was accumulating more panto bits (I found a stem and brake levers), when I decided to switch course and go for the full early 70's replica look.

By the way, the parts I changed are:

- Saddle

- Seat post

- Stem

- Bar

- Bar wrap

- Shifters

- Chainrings

- Chain

- Front Derailleur

- Hub quick-release levers

- Brake levers and brake shoes

- Headset

I'd like to change the calipers quick-release levers to Nuovo Record flat ones.  If anybody has a pair of these, or a pair of Nuovo Record calipers for sale or trade, please let me know.